Project Files/Folders

Projects are saved as folders on the user’s file system, and include the following:

  • Model database file (“model.tnem”)
  • Model database backup files (e.g. “model_20180917_160540.tneb”)
  • History of results, comprising:
    • Input files for external calculation routines
    • Archive of the model database file used to generate the results
    • CSV/TXT files containing the raw calculation results
    • WAV files for auralisation results
    • Log files generated by the calculation (these may be requested by support in the event of technical problems)

Example project folder structure.

If you wish, you can copy input files into your project directory. We recommend this particularly if the project is to be opened on different computers.

When specifying file locations in the user interface, two mechanisms have been provided to reduce problems which might be caused my opening projects on other computers:
<<” in a file path represents the current project folder;
>>” in a file path represents the application directory for default items.

In the case that results are currently being viewed in Train Noise Expert, the application should first be closed before deleting any unwanted results files directly.