Exporting data

Results data can be exported from the plots as graphics and/or data tables.

The first aspect to note is that exporting is only performed on the currently visible data. Therefore, it is important that the required data serieses have been selected to be plotted.

Once the correct data is displayed, right-click anywhere on the chart to display the export menu:

Menu for exporting data.

Exporting a graphic

A graphical view of the current plot can be exported to a file, or to the clipboard. This is achieved by selecting the appropriate option (“Copy as image” or “Save as image…”) from the export menu. When selecting to save the image to a file, a file selection dialog will open from which the name and location for the exported image file can be set.

Exporting data tables

The data from the current plot may be exported as comma-separated (csv) values to the clipboard, or to a text file by selecting the appropriate option (“Copy data to clipboard” or “Save data…”).