Train Noise Expert is installed using installer files provided by the University of Southampton. Please contact us in the first instance if interested in purchasing a copy of this software.

Purchasers will be provided with an installer file for the Train Noise Expert application. For running calculations, it is also necessary to install the appropriate MATLAB 2024a runtime, which should be downloaded directly from the Mathworks website. N.b. It is important that the specific 2024a runtime version is installed (runtime versions other than this will not be compatible with the Train Noise Expert calculation routines).

For demo purposes, or to set up models without running any calculations, the MATLAB runtime is not required.

Software Licencing/Protection

In order to ensure that only users who have paid for the software can use it, the software requires a licence key to run calculations. This is provided via a USB key, or a unique licence code that will require ongoing internet access to validate. You will be provided with your key within a few days of your payment (depending on your location). The USB key is recognised by your computer as a standard USB mass storage device, and does not require any special drivers.

Once the software has been successfully authorised, in subsequent usage, Train Noise Expert will default to using the last sucessful licence mode (i.e. USB or licence code). If you wish to change the licence parameters in the future, use Help>About and click the “Update licence…” button.

Train Noise Expert USB licence key.

System Requirements

  • 64bit Windows 7 or later;
  • 4GB RAM (8GB+ recommended for complex calculations)
  • >10GB free disk space (mainly for the MATLAB runtime)

Whilst there is no lower limit for the computer processor, calculations will of course be quicker with a more powerful processor. As a guide, we expect that for most users each ‘situation’ (at a single train speed) should take less than around 5 minutes to complete with a modern computer.

Firewall info

Some features of Train Noise Expert require connections to an external server. Firewall settings need to accommodate this and are detailed here. Please contact us in the first instance if you have any connection issues.