Version history

Version Date What’s new
1.5.0 IN DEV Added new option for discrete rail supports for rolling noise calculations.
Utilises up-to-date MATLAB 2024a runtime (installed separately) for much improved calculation performance (the old 2011b runtime can still be used for now via an option in the preferences, but support will be removed in future Train Noise Expert versions).
Added ‘favourite’ receivers option for more convenient plotting.
Added support for custom 2D and 3D graphic objects (point sources and environment background).
All graphic objects now have dynamic colour coding: blue=selected, red=source active, grey=source disabled.
Improved live updating of 3D objects when changing parameters in the model view.
Option to display source/receiver labels on 3D view.
Implementation of keyboard shortcuts.
Train image can now be displayed on external noise pass-by plots.
TSI values now displayed on all roughness and track decay rate plots.
1.4.1 03/01/2024 Fixed various issues and made improvements to exporting to noise mapping formats.
Fixed issue where the option to check for new Train Noise Expert versions at launch was not being respected.
Train Noise Expert now checks the versions of the MATLAB executables when running calculations (to improve robustness).
Added the ability to copy chart data to the clipboard (through the right-click menu).
Various minor fixes/improvements.
1.4.0 27/11/2023 New option (in Beta) to export external noise calculations to a noise mapping-compatible format, for CNOSSOS-EU, TNPM, HARMONOISE/IMAGINE and Dutch RMR noise modelling protocols. See documentation for more info.
Improved handling of MATLAB runtime errors.
Fixed error with external noise calculations for rigid or no ground (bug introduced in v1.3.0).
Model items can now be enabled/disabled through the right-click menu in the model objects view.
Improved handling of limited TDR ranges for rolling noise calculations (new option in Project settings).
Optimisation of moving line sources to improve calculation speed.
Added a confirmation for when deleting Situations.
Fixed issue of SEL values not being displayed for individual sources.
Fixed issue where A-weighting could be applied to TDR and mobility results in the results viewer (for rolling noise calculations).
Various minor fixes/improvements.
1.3.0 13/09/2023 Train speed for each situation can now be input as a list of speeds; separate situations for each train speed are no longer required.
Specific bi-block sleeper length parameter.
Improved input validation (warnings if input parameters are outside of allowed values).
New rolling noise parameter for lateral contact position.
New rolling noise parameter for rail transverse radius.
Option to open results folder from “Review results” window (by right-clicking on the result).
Improved speed/memory handling of external noise calculations.
Various other minor bug fixes and improvements.
1.2.0 21/06/2023 Improvements in auralisation - including a new option to provide narrowband base spectrum to preserve tonal content.
Receivers no longer restricted to lateral distances < 30m and/or heights < 25m.
Licence-checking now defaults to last successful mode of licencing (i.e. USB or server-based), to improve software startup times.
Improved handling of situations that do not include rolling noise sources.
Fixed bug causing an error when calculating external noise without Doppler effect when a barrier was present.
Fixed a bug causing an error when calculating rolling noise at very high speeds.
Hemisources now have a 3dB greater effective SWL than their normal counterparts (was 6dB).
Essential updates have been made to the software development - please manually uninstall any previous versions of Train Noise Expert.
Various other minor bug fixes and improvements.
1.1.0 27/04/2023 New ‘quick’ TDR calculations to calculate TDR results without running a full rolling noise calculation.
Point sources: new option to ‘mirror’ sources to the other side of the train.
Point sources: new ‘hemi-radiation’ option to have sources radiate to one side only.
Rolling noise: option to select whether rolling sources are modelled for both sides, or the left side only.
Rolling noise: sound pressure calculations in the rolling noise calculation now assume a median vehicle length, and a median number of wheelsets (previously 20m vehicle length and four wheelsets were assumed). N.b. this does not affect the external noise calculation.
3D view: option to hide disabled objects.
Various minor fixes/improvements to the documentation and user interface.
1.0.7 27/01/2023 Added viscous damping for ballast.
Added mobility plots for rolling noise results.
Added feature to show/hide line markers on plots.
Improved documentation.
Fixed documentation bug introduced in v1.0.6.
1.0.6 10/01/2023 Fixed incorrect time base in SEL calculation.
Fixed barrier calculations in external noise calculations.
Fixed bug in ground corrections for rolling noise calculation sound pressure results (where ‘rigid’ and ‘no ground’ conditions were not being applied correctly).
1.0.5 16/12/2022 Improved floating licence connection issues.
1.0.4 12/12/2022 Fixed a bug introduced in v1.0.3 for rolling noise calculations with bi-block or slab track types.
1.0.3 05/12/2022 LAE now provided in results display and export.
Overall results now provided in exported data.
Fixed bug with LAeqTp unit display in plots.
Documentation improvements: (1) hover over parameters to get a tooltip; (2) right-click on parameters to get more info in the documentation.
Improved aborting of calculations.
Under sleeper pads now provided for.
Bi-block sleepers can now have variable base stiffness (and stiffness from file).
Floating network licence functionality added (contact us if you would like a USB licence converted to a floating network licence).
Various other minor improvements.
1.0.2 07/10/2022 Fixed splash screen issue.
Fixed bug with pasting CSV insertion gain values.
Fixed bug preventing auralisation calculation from running properly.
1.0.1 28/09/2022 Removed splash screen for now (was causing a bug when no USB key was present).
1.0.0 23/09/2022 Noise barriers now included.
Line sources now included.
Area sources can now have the option of specifying the radiating side (left/right/both).
‘Fit group to measurements’ calculation modifies the insertion gain of sources in a group, to meet a specified sound pressure level at a given location.
Checks for latest version on startup (option in preferences).
Rail, sleeper and base elements now available in 3d view.
Splash screen during startup.
3d directivities now disabled by default in 3d view (improves performance).
Fixed bug where sound pressure level values calculated using the rolling noise module might have been slightly low.
Fixed bug where an error was generated if SWL input data was not strictly 25-8000Hz.
0.9.3 12/06/2022 Fixed bug causing errors with rolling noise calculations with bi-block sleepers.
Fixed bug causing authentication errors for long calculations.
Many plots now have a manual refresh button to speed up plotting when changing the plot components to be shown.
2.5D boundary element calculation for exterior rolling noise on the carbody now included (alpha development version, paid option).
0.9.2 21/01/2022 Axlebox and bogie frame transfer functions implemented for rolling noise (beta feature).
Additional train shapes added (affects graphics only): trapezium, sloped front/rear, bulldog nose front/rear.
Improved calculation progress feedback for rolling noise predictions.
Fixed bug with rolling noise calculations for trains at high speed.
Fixed bug with insertion gain for area and box sources.
0.9.1 15/12/2021 TDR results now separately viewable for rolling noise calculations.
Minor bug fixes.
0.9.0 11/11/2021 Track decay rates now included when viewing results for rolling noise predictions.
‘Beta’ features now included: selectable track absorption and sleeper radiation models (the new option to enable/disable beta features is found in the application preferences).
Added the facility to right-click on results to show/hide all results listed in the selection area.
Minor bug fixes.
0.8.4 09/08/2021 Narrowband interaction forces now output as CSV files as part of rolling noise calculation.
Fixed bug with licensing which affected some users.
Fixed bug where ‘Show receivers’ etc was being ignored in 3D view when refreshing the model.
Fixed bug where labels in the model view were not all updated if items were renamed.
0.8.3 14/05/2021 Fix for bug with point sources introduced by the last update.
0.8.2 13/05/2021 Generic point source types added: Motors, Compressors, Pink noise and White noise.
Point source sound power spectra now plottable.
Insertion gain now definable for point sources.
Overall sound power level values now shown for rolling noise results.
Doppler setting moved to ‘Situation’ rather than ‘Environment’ object.
0.8.1 08/03/2021 Bug fix for running auralisation calculation.
0.8.0 01/03/2021 Lp,unit is now default receiver in standstill results.
Fixed UI issue when changing library items.
Added additional graphics representations for point sources (pantograph, handrail, more to come).
Corrected graphics bug when changing vehicle roof height.
Updated calculation procedures to make way for future additional features.
0.7.2 10/11/2020 Important bug fixes to implementation of point source directivities.
0.7.1 03/11/2020 Option to output auralisation files for individual sources.
Extended plot colours for noise contribution charts.
Disabled objects are now grayed out in the model objects view.
0.7.0 20/08/2020 Auralisation capability added (requires licence).
Speed dependent area/box sources now allowed.
Situations can now be duplicated.
Various bug fixes to improve stability.
0.6.2 30/07/2020 Fix for major bug introduced in v0.6.0.
0.6.1 07/07/2020 More detailed log files for external noise calculations.
Minor bug fixes.
0.6.0 26/06/2020 Introduced directivity plots in 3d view.
Various items can be shown/hidden in 3d view.
Added the ability to abort calculations.
Situations can now be independently enabled/disabled for calculations.
Results description now provided in plot legends.
Fixed intermittent stability bug.
Fixed monopole bug when opening older projects.
Fixed bug when restoring backup files.
Fixed bug with speed dependent sources at standstill.
Fixed bug when exporting time profile data.
Fixed bug with incorrect sign for rolling cross receptance factor.
Fixed bug with incorrect sleeper width in rolling noise calculation.
0.5.1 23/01/2020 Added mouse-draggable panning/tilt in 3D view.
Added the facility to auto-calculate pass-by duration and time step values.
Added the facility to duplicate library items.
0.5.0 19/12/2019 Added scaling options to plots.
Added some default 3D views, and the functionality to save user-defined 3D views.
0.4.7 03/12/2019 Fixed bug with detailed contributions plotting incorrect values.
Fixed bug when right-clicking on detailed contribution plot to save as image.
Fixed bug with contributions plots not updating when changing the A-weighted/Linear values setting.
0.4.6 30/10/2019 Minor changes to rolling input file generation.
Added more roughness files, from G. Squicciarini’s statistical study published at IWRN Uddevalla in 2013.
0.4.5 16/07/2019 3D direction arrow now included.
Unit roughness calculation now works properly.
0.4.4 11/03/2019 Descriptions now available for calculations.
External calculations without rolling noise no longer require a rolling noise calculation to have run beforehand.
Improved recognition of invalid file entries.
Charts now have a resizeable legend.
“About” screen, provides information about current version and licence.
0.4.3 21/02/2019 Calculation applications can now be reinstated manually.
0.4.2 06/02/2019 Rolling sound power results now work properly with weighting selection switch.
Image export now available for model 2D and 3D views (right-click the model view for the menu).
Documentation improvements.
0.4.1 01/02/2019 Rolling sound power results now show ‘total’ as well the other components.
0.4.0 21/01/2019 Rolling sound power results plotting/exporting improvements.
Input directivity file (raw) data can now be viewed.
Fixed bug with wrong values for lateral rail sound power.
0.3.4 10/12/2018 Bug fixes for calculation executables.
0.3.3 3/12/2018 DPRS contact filter now actually works.
Option for unit roughness added to rolling noise calculations.
Features extra checks before running the calculations, to help reduce errors.
Provides a warning if the a results path length would exceed 256 characters.
Tooltips provided which give the item name when the mouse is hovering over items in the 2D or 3D graphics views.
Number of results plotted by default is now reduced, to improve the initial results loading time.
0.3.2 13/9/2018 DPRS contact filter now works.
Demo mode is now enabled if no valid license key is found.
0.3.1 20/8/2018 Provided functions to backup/repair/restore project database files.
0.3.0 17/7/2018 3D view.
Solved issue with Matlab executable for external calculations.
LpUnit is now calculated for standstill calculations.
Option included as to whether to include 3.5m receivers in the LpUnit calculation.
Option to include 3.5m high receivers when creating standstill receivers.
External noise calculation now checks status of rolling noise calculation first.
Option to open project folder from file menu.
Fixed problem where external noise calculation was using the first rolling noise calculation for input rather than the last.
Fixed issue with negative values in the input file plotter being displayed as positive.
Groupings are now displayed in spectrum results.
Options to delete results from the reviewing table.
Calculations performed with an ‘older’ version of Train Noise Expert are no longer able to be plotted.
0.2.0 31/5/2018 Corrected issue with railpad stiffness presets all being identical.
Fixed issue of monopole/dipole ratio being included twice in the UI.
Documentation is much more complete.
Plotting of arbitrary input data.
Project files are now upgraded to the latest file version automatically.
Sources have an ‘enabled’ setting.
Icons in documentation are fixed.
Linear/A-weighted results switch now works.
0.1.2 19/3/2018 Increased calculation timeout to one hour.
0.1.1 15/3/2018 Train Noise Expert is 64bit only from now on.
0.1.0 12/3/2018 Project file version checking.
Presets for railpad stiffness/damping.
New library items are now automatically selected after creation.
Sources can now be speed dependent.
Plotted data can be exported to a .csv files by right-clicking on the plot.
Situation description allows special characters.
Template library items provided for a train with a single wheelset, plus generic highspeed, regional and freight wheels.
Receivers are now located in the model tree rather than their own tables.
0.0.4 26/2/2018 LAmax and LAeq fields now work (read from results file).
Default file locations are represented by “>>”.
Project file locations are represented by “<<“.
Calculation buttons are now disabled until project is saved.
Improvements in results reviewer (including statuses and double clicks).
Contributions calculation and plotting.
Arbitrary grouping of sources.
Grouping allows sources to be on/off/pass-by only/standstill only.
Rolling sound powers are now correct in terms of 120dB.
Standstill external noise calculations.
Problem with absorbent ground fixed.
0.0.3 17/1/2018 UK decimal convention is explicitly set (e.g. 12,345.678).
0.0.2 20/12/2017 First release.